Meaningful vote fun! Backwards is forwards and there’s no way back

As the nation hobbles with an injured ankle but an oh-so-fighty-face, into its latest do-or-die round of self-harm on Tuesday, it’s worth bearing a few things in mind. For all that the debate is still framed about whether Leave or Remain will finally wrest control of the tiller and steer us to their final destination,... Continue Reading →


Why is democracy good?

It shouldn't really be a question that needs answering. And yet in the current paroxysm engulfing the U.K., as it tries to turn 2016's EU referendum vote into workable policy, the question about what democracy is keeps popping up. Traitors! Remoaners! The 'will of the people'! Terms that pepper newspaper articles, march placards, and millions... Continue Reading →

Unthrilled (or Brexit’s final reel?)

Thus far, Brexit has been mostly successful only as a generator of under-powered 1970s thriller titles... "Borderless" (starring Max Fac and a young John Nettles). "The Facilitation Game" (Trevor Eve plays David Davis rushing to decrypt workable trade policy before faceless bureaucrats execute his comely secretary Lianne Fox)... and "The Customs Conundrum" (starring almost everyone)...... Continue Reading →

Questions for Leavers

Who doesn't love a quiz?! Too bad that if you can’t convincingly answer these, you have a somewhat irresponsible position regarding the UK’s continued prosperity and operational capacity. Now! On with the FUNS! How will our closely aligned service-based economy work with just a Canada style FTA that has no coverage of services (because they... Continue Reading →

The physics of Brexit

When they teach politics at university it’s a mixed bag, in explanatory terms. A bit of high theory here, a bit of sudden historical drama there, from Marx to the beer hall putsch. An accidental winner on the party ballot form, someone’s rise, someone’s fall. And in a normal times it all just drivels along... Continue Reading →

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